Red Dot Ventures

Established in 2012, Red Dot Ventures is a seed-stage venture capital fund focused on Singapore-based high-tech startups.  We typically provide the company’s first or second outside capital.  Our portfolio has investments in the following industries:

  • IT, ICT, IDM, Big Data, and IoT solutions (TMT)
  • Clean technology & alternative energy solutions (CLEANTECH)
  • Medical technology & advanced healthcare solutions (MEDTECH)
  • Financial technology (FINTECH)
  • Education technology (EDTECH)
  • Advanced industrial materials & manufacturing (AME)

Red Dot Ventures was selected as an official startup incubator under the government of Singapore’s Technology Incubation Scheme, positioning the company as a key pillar in the creation of a competitive entrepreneurial environment that will allow innovative ventures to develop and flourish.

Interested parties should contact

Investment Strategy

We invest in and accelerate startup businesses that are/have:

  • Pre-seed, seed, and early stage in maturity
  • Disruptive technologies in high-growth markets
  • Significant operations in Singapore with global or regional customer markets

Beyond investing in the private sector, we work with research institutes to invest in spinoffs that can assemble a management team and license promising intellectual property. Our target is to have one-third of our investments based on technologies developed in research institutes.

Investment Application

We find potential investments through our extensive network of contacts and deal flow in the form of a pitch decks and business plans. We, with the help of relevant angel investors and mentors, evaluate every potential investment using our selection criteria and independent research.  Your application should answer the following questions:

Scalable product with sustainable differentiation

  • Can the product deliver significant differentiation over leading competitors?
  • Is that differentiation sustainable and protected?

Scalable market with sustainable profitability

  • Is it a profitable customer segment?
  • Is it a growth market with sufficient scalability?

Management scalability

  • Is the founding team capable and with skills to execute on the business plan?
  • Is the founding team committed and with skin in the game?

Investment viability and financial scaleability

  • Can the startup reasonably achieve the minimum milestones required to raise a Series A within the given financial runway?
  • Is the target level of financial return appropriate given the risk profile of the investment?

Ideally your submission is a working document for the company, used in long-term planning, and not simply a sales tool for fundraising. It should contain the following information:

  • Problem and solution description
  • Product and technology description
  • Business model description
  • Competitor analysis
  • Market and customer profitability analysis
  • Team description of skills and skin in the game
  • Investment size and use of funds
  • Product development plan/strategy
  • Sales & marketing plan/strategy
  • Current financial statements and projections (in excel)

We look forward to receiving your application for investment.

NDA Policy

We do not sign NDAs. We receive a high volume of business plans each week. If we were to sign every NDA request, we would quickly be swamped with legal documents. Our reputation depends on our professionalism and our ability to maintain the trust of the entrepreneurs with whom we work. We will take care to keep your materials confidential.