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Expara is a training and advisory company founded by Douglas Abrams in 2003. Expara develops and teaches entrepreneurship and innovation experiential-exercise-based learning programs for individuals, companies and public institutions in Asia.   To date, Expara has trained more than 2,000 fledgling and current entrepreneurs from 20 countries.

Expara is working closely with Red Dot Ventures & Lithan Education in delivering incubation support and training services to our Start-ups.

Expara IDM Ventures (EIDMV)

Expara IDM Ventures (EIDMV) is a virtual business accelerator that invests in promising IDM companies in Singapore, and was one of the first private companies approved as a mentor in the i.JAM Microfunding Scheme, an initiative of the IDM R&D Programme Office (IDMPO). EIDMV has focused on incubating companies in the IDM space.

EIDMV serves as a source of deal flow for Red Dot Ventures. Since its inception in 2007, EIDMV has seed-funded 17 IDM companies, out of which 7 companies have secured S$5.24 million in total follow-on investments. EIDMV has also received approval-in-principle to participate in the i.JAM Reloaded Program that will follow i.JAM.

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Extream Ventures

Established in Singapore in 2008 to target early stage high tech companies in ICT, interactive and digital media (IDM) & disruptive technology. Extream Ventures is backed by the National Research Association (NRF) under the Early Stage Venture Funding Scheme.  Extream Ventures invests in and accelerates potentially scalable startup businesses, focusing on those with intellectual property and technologies, potentially large markets, strong management teams, a well-developed business model and sustainable competitive advantage.

Red Dot Ventures is working closely with EV on both deal flow and follow-on funding.

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