This is the opportunity to kickstart your
startup professionally.

Startup builder for the new markets

Red Dot Ventures Startup Builder Program helps the best pre-seed stage startups from the emerging markets in South East Asia region. The engagement starts with a six(6) months startup incubation with monetary and in-kind support from us serial entrepreneurs.

We bring in our knowledge, experience, expertise, and network to support fully to bring startups to the next level, seed stage investment ready.

Who is qualified?

This program is designed for pre-seed stage startups from the emerging markets in SEA. To provide you with more specific understanding, here are the things we look at. Please consider it as a guidance:

  • Team : We expect the core team to be formed. Any structure is fine. We just need your commitment.
  • Product : You need some form of product (MVP) in order to talk to the market. MVP is important for test marketing.
  • Market Viability : As a startup, it is essential to identify the market demand. The best is to show the market viability by collect feedback from customers by testing the MVP. Yes, there are also other creative ways to prove the market viability.

You may still apply even if you happen to lack some portion of the above. We will try to provide you with some advise on business and/or on technology.


We will be able to offer to startups the followings through the program.

  • Investment in cash : US$25K
  • Structure company : HQ in SG, Myanmar subsidiary 100% owned by SG HQ
  • In-kind service : US$50K worth of in-kind service including online and face-to-face mentorship to prepare you to be seed-stage investment ready.
  • Equity : In return, we ask for market standard amount of common shares of your company.


The journey of 6 months startup building is crafted by hand each per project. It varies depending on the needs of the startup. To give you an idea of how it can be structured, here is an example timeline from the past projects.

  • Month 1 - Analyze and deepen the business plan via critical discussion through lean canvas.
  • Month 2 - Product development plan and execution. Learn how to execute MVP iteration in a scrum style.
  • month 3 - Test market as part of the the MVP cycle.
  • month 4 - Iterate through MVP and scrum process.
  • month 5 - Prepare for Investor Deck, Full business plan deck, P/L 5 years plan, capitalization table strategy.
  • month 6 - Reach out to investors.


To apply to the program, please send us your presentation deck to

In your presentation deck, please try to cover the following aspects:

  • Your story - tell us about the background of how the project started
  • Problem statement - what are you trying to solve?
  • Value proposition - the value you provide to the problem(s) above
  • Product/solution - what is the solution?
  • Market Opportunity - explain the target market
  • Team - about you and your team members

We look at each application one by one. In order to get accepted, you will likely go through a series of interviews with us. Once you are accepted, the on-boarding process follows and our journey together started effectively immediately!