We support entrepreneurs at their seed and pre-seed stage to reach their next level.

Red Dot Ventures is a Singapore-based venture capital firm providing investment and mentorship support to seed stage deep technology startups and pre-seed stage technology startups.

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Seed Investment

We invest in various sectors of deep technology including ICT, IoT, big data, artificial intelligence, clean technology & alternative energy solutions, medical technology & advanced healthcare solutions, financial technology, education technology, advanced industrial materials & manufacturing. See the types of companies we have invested in.

Pre-seed Investment

We invest in pre-seed stage technology startup from the emerging markets through our intensive startup builder program. The startups will receive cash investment, mentorship, and all the other in-kind services. It is a full hands-on startup bootstrapping support.

We are a VC and a startup builder at the same time. All of our team members are in fact serial entrepreneurs respectively. We are focused to support the startups to reach their next stage in their business. We make sure the startups maximize their opportunity to succeed by providing mentorship support, connecting them to industry experts or business partners, and even provide media exposure such as Channel News Asia Startup. 

The startups shall have access to the partners in our network: financial partners including series A VCs and M&A professional firms, legal advisory councils, accounting firms, corporate secretary firms, digital marketing experts, software development firms, and cloud service partners.

We fast track the startups to reach their next stage. We strongly believe talented technology startups are the key driver to shape the future.